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Solar Panel Grants For Schools

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What Difference Do Solar Panels Make For Schools?

School budgets are tight, and year on year they seem to get tighter. That means you spend less on the things you really want to spend money on – like new equipment and learning opportunities for the children – and instead spend more and more on the cost of simply running the school. Utility and energy bills are more expensive than ever, and they’re taking up a significant portion of a school’s budget. 

But solar panels can change that. 

With a solar installation at school, you’ll save significant money on your school’s bills, giving you more money to spend on the things that really matter.

Other Benefits Of Solar Panels For Schools

  • Budget savings: The obvious benefit is that you’ll be able to save a significant amount of your budget thanks to the lower energy bills you’ll enjoy
  • Teaching opportunity: Solar panels are an excellent teaching opportunity for the children, they’ll be able to learn more about Science, Design & Technology, Geography, and more
  • Lower carbon emissions: Schools naturally use a lot of energy, so by switching to solar energy, you’ll lower your school’s carbon emissions and show the children the benefits of going green
  • Set an example: Your school is part of the wider community, and it can be used to set an example – switch to solar to show the children, their parents and your local community how good solar energy can be
  • Enjoy a disturbance-free installation: Most installers will try to install solar panels at schools outside of term time, so you won’t be disturbed, but even if they have to install when your teachers and students are in school, it’ll be with minimal disruption and over in a couple of days
  • Benefit from solar panels for schools grants: The very best thing about solar panels for schools is that you don’t need to cover the cost yourself – with solar grants for schools, you could benefit from some great financing options

What Are Solar Panel For Schools Grants?

There are plenty of different ways you can pay for your school solar panel installation, but there will be different compromises you may need to make in order to benefit from them. We’ll explain more below as we explore the major financing options in greater depth. 

For now, solar panels can be covered by:

  • Your school’s budget (if you have the spare money)
  • Fundraising at school (can be very time-consuming)
  • Energy Efficiency Financing 
  • Power Purchase Agreements

How Can ZOA Help With Solar Grants For Schools?

Solar grants for schools are out there waiting for schools to make the most of them. But wrapping your head around those grants and working out which one is right for your school is not easy.

That’s where Eco Grants by ZOA Energy Solutions comes in. With us, you’ll be able to learn all about the different solar panels for schools grants that are out there, and which will be best for your school.

Contact us today with our quick form, or call us today for free on 0203 3369122.

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Energy Efficiency Financing For Schools

Within Energy Efficiency Financing there are plenty of different financing options all designed to support the public sector with their change to green energy, and installing solar panels on your school is obviously part of this. 

Some examples include:

  • Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS): Although the first few phases have already passed, phase 3c is set to open to new applicants later in 2023. Here funds are offered to the public sector (including schools) who need to improve their energy efficiency. 
  • Salix/SEEF: This finance option supports schools and educational settings to improve their energy efficiency and will help cover the cost of solar panels for schools. Their programmes open and close to new applicants at different times, so it’s worth double checking what’s on offer here. 


There are plenty of other financing options out there that are happy to lend money to schools to cover the upfront cost of installing solar panels, because they know that the savings you make on your energy bills will help cover the repayment plan. 

Contact ZOA Eco Grants today, for more information.

Power Purchase Agreement For School

A power purchase agreement allows renewable energy providers to install solar panels on different premises, including schools. The provider owns, installs, and maintains the solar panels, allowing them to receive income from the sale of surplus electricity.

For your school, you’ll benefit from low-cost energy thanks to the solar panels on your site. Here, no upfront cost is required and you’ll still see the benefits of solar, without having to pay anything upfront or pay back any loans, etc – because you won’t actually own the solar panels on your school roof.

Solar Panel Grants For Schools: Next Steps

Contact Eco Grants powered by ZOA Energy Solutions today, and we’ll talk you through the different grants, schemes, and financing options available to you, so you can install solar panels at your school ASAP.

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