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nPower Insulation Grants

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How Do I Know If nPower Insulation Grants Are Right For Me?

Have you been looking into ways to help your home retain heat and become more energy efficient? Then look no further than an insulation grant. At ZOA Eco Grants, we are eco energy experts and we are here to help you claim a free insulation grant (if you’re eligible). As the cost of living and energy crisis continues to strain households’ bank balances, everyone is looking for ways to reduce their spending. But did you know that the government’s ECO4 scheme can help you make your home more energy efficient and ultimately reduce your energy bills? And nPower is just one of the UK’s energy suppliers obligated to offer support under the scheme. Better yet?  It is completely free!

In order to find out whether you are eligible for one of these insulation grants, we simply need to know:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number


By filling out our quick form, which will take you less than 60 seconds to complete, we can find out whether you are eligible for a grant. Following the completion of the form, we will get in contact with you to discuss your next steps. If you are looking for more information about the nPower insulation grants, read on below.

What Insulation Methods Do nPower’s Insulation Grants cover?

nPower primarily offers two types of insulation which you can claim through an insulation grant. These are loft insulation and cavity wall insulation, which are also considered to be the two most popular methods of insulation to install in your home. 

Cavity Wall Insulation

Whereas cavity wall insulation relates to the process of injecting insulation material into the gap between the outer and inner walls of your home. While this area also acts as a protection barrier to stop moisture from the outer wall reaching the inner wall, the gap also causes the movement of air and the loss of heat. Below, we have included a table with the advantages and disadvantages related to cavity wall insulation:

Cavity wall insulation



  • Cavity wall insulation helps your home retain heat whilst also reducing draughts.
  • With the elimination of the gap between the outer and inner wall, if moisture were to get into the inner wall, or the insulation itself, then it will not work effectively and may cause condensation and damp.
  • By retaining more heat, your house will not be as reliant on your boiler, resulting in a reduction in your energy bills.
  • Certain cavity wall insulation materials are liable to sag over time.
  • This type of insulation is considered to be cheaper than other insulation methods.
  • Poorly fitted insulation will not be as effective.
  • Cavity wall insulation is quick to install and won’t change the outward appearance of your property.
  • If the cavity between your outer and inner wall is smaller than average then the method won’t be as effective.
  • Insulated homes typically see a reduction in condensation, which can lead to the development of black mould.
  • Like loft insulation, cavity wall insulation can help soundproof your home.

Loft Insulation

As you can expect, loft insulation refers to the installation of insulation in your roof space. Typically the insulating materials will be installed between the joists or the rafters in your loft, with the aim of ensuring that the heat your home is generating does not escape via the roof. Below, we have included a table with the advantages and disadvantages related to loft insulation:


Loft insulation



  • Insulated homes tend to see a reduction in condensation.
  • Poorly installed loft insulation will not be as effective.
  • Loft insulation will make your home more energy efficient, leading to a reduction in your energy bills.
  • Your loft space will be colder as a result of the insulation, which could lead to condensation or damp issues as well as burst pipes, if left untreated.
  • Insulation will make your house warmer in the winter as you use your central heating, and colder in the summer.
  • Loft insulation can also work to soundproof your home.
  • Insulated properties also see an increase in property value compared to those that don’t feature any measures.

Am I Eligible For The nPower Insulation Grants?

The ECO4 government-backed scheme aims to reduce domestic household emissions across the UK, while also helping the UK reach its net zero emissions goal by 2050. It is through this scheme that energy companies like nPower are able to provide free insulation grants to help households become more energy efficient and reduce their energy bills. 

In order to receive an nPower insulation grant through the ECO4 scheme, you must fulfil the following criteria:

Your property must have an EPC energy rating of D or lower.
AND your combined household income must be £31,000 or less. Or at least one member of your household must be actively claiming income-related benefits.

The list of benefits that are included in the above criteria are:

Child Benefits
Child Tax Credit (CTC)
Housing Benefit (newly eligible under ECO4)
Income-based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)
Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
Income Support
Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
Pension Credit Savings Credit (newly eligible under ECO4)
Universal Credit (UC)
Warm Home Discount Scheme Rebate
Working Tax Credit (WTC)

If you meet the criteria, then you will be eligible to claim energy efficiency methods through the insulation grant scheme.

Does This Apply To You?



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nPower Insulation Grants Summary

Are you looking to move forward with your insulation grant claim? If so, then ZOA Eco Grants is here to help you. If you are eligible, and wish to install either cavity wall or loft insulation, then the nPower insulation grants may be perfect for you. From reduced energy bills and becoming more environmentally friendly, to the reduction in condensation build-up and improved noise pollution levels, the benefits of insulation are endless.

Are you eligible for the nPower insulation grants? Then why not get in touch, either call us on 020 4538 0680, or fill out our quick 60 second form. We can find out if you are eligible and discuss the next steps to claiming your insulation grant.

How Does 0% VAT On Insulation Help Me?

The UK government has applied 0% VAT on all Energy Saving Materials in the UK – and this applies to cavity wall insulation, too. First introduced in April 2022, 0% VAT on insulation is set to last until the end of March 2027.

This is automatically applied on any qualifying purchase, so you don’t have to apply through a scheme or anything – you just get to enjoy cheaper cavity wall insulation, which will help stretch those government grants even further.

Why Trust ZOA Eco Grants

At ZOA Eco Grants, we’re a team of eco home improvement installers, but more than that, we’re passionate about saving our customers money. That’s why, in addition to being experts at installing a range of eco home improvements, we’ve become experts in grants, too.

Work with us, and we’ll be able to advise you further about the different insulation grants or disabled people that may be available to you. All you need to do is fill out our quick form, and we’ll be back in touch with some more information. If you’re thinking about installing new insulation anyway, then it just makes sense to check if a grant could cover it for you, right?

And all you need to do? Fill out a quick form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!