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Loft Insulation Grants For Pensioners

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Insulation Grants For Pensioners - Loft, Cavity Wall & More

There are plenty of people who could benefit from insulation grants, but that’s especially true for pensioners, who are much more likely to be living in energy inefficient homes, have lower income, and be struggling to manage energy bills. So, if you’re looking into free loft insulation for pensioners, then it’s worth reading below to find out what’s out there for you.

At ZOA Energy Solutions, we’re experts at insulation grants for pensioners, and all we need from you is your address, name, email, and phone number to be filled out on a quick 60 second form. After that, one of our friendly customer service team members will be in touch to discuss your options with you. For general advice, read on below. For case by case advice, contact us today.

Insulation Grants For Pensioners In The UK

If you decide insulating your home is a good idea, then it’s also worth looking into the different grants that are available to you, to help cover all or most of the cost. The main loft insulation grants for pensioners that will be relevant to you are: 

All of these schemes are time limited so it makes sense to apply for them now before it is too late!

Can Pensioners Get A Grant For Insulation?

Absolutely! In fact, grant applications from pensioners over the age of 70 are often categorised as being part of a ‘Priority Group’, meaning your application will be given higher priority than non-priority applicants. So long as you qualify for the grant (we’ll talk more about the different grants and their eligibility criteria below), then you can absolutely get an insulation grant for pensioners. And they cover plenty of areas: 

Is Now The Right Time For Insulation?

We understand that for pensioners, it can be difficult deciding if these types of energy efficiency measures are right for you, but only you can decide. To help, we’ve put together a list of benefits and drawbacks of home insulation to consider before deciding either way:


Pros of insulationCons of insulation
  • Makes your home more energy efficient – meaning your home will hold on to heat for longer
  • High cost without the benefit of grants for pensioners
  • Helps lower energy bills – helping you keep more of your pension each month
  • Not all homes are suitable for insulation upgrades – another eco home improvement may be best
  • Beat energy price hikes
  • Some foam insulation types can present difficulties when trying to sell a property
  • A more comfortable home for you
  • Less carbon emissions = greener way to live
  • Easy installation 
  • Weatherproofing and soundproofing benefits
  • Insulation grants for pensioners are available!

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The Great British Insulation Scheme For Pensioners

The Great British Insulation Scheme is set to start in Summer 2023, and last until March 2026, and it’s set to help over 300,000 houses in Great Britain with £1 billion worth of funding for insulation projects. It will specifically target houses that perform poorly on energy efficiency ratings.

If you think that might apply to you because you’ve been struggling with paying high energy bills, your house struggles to heat up or retain heat, or your home is just generally uncomfortable to live in due to the cold, then read on below to find out if you could qualify for the grant.

The Great British Insulation Scheme Eligibility Criteria For Pensioners

You’re eligible for the Great British Insulation Scheme insulation grant IF:

  • You’re living in a home with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D-G, AND
  • You’re living in a council tax band A-D in England, A-E in Scotland and Wales 




  • You receive means tested benefits (such as Pension Credit, Cold Weather Payment, Housing Benefit, or Council Tax Support, for example) AND
  • You have an EPC rating of D or below

The benefits in bold are especially relevant to pensioners, so it’s worth looking into your EPC rating too. If you’re in receipt of any benefits, or if the top criteria applies to you, then contact us today and we’ll do our best to advise you further.

ECO4 Grant Scheme For Pensioners

ECO4 – or Energy Company Obligation (ECO) – is another grant scheme that can in many cases help pensioners cover all or most of the cost of some insulation measures. It aims to support the lowest income houses with the most energy inefficient homes across the UK. And, as it happens, a lot of pensioners own or are a private tenant in these sorts of homes, so ECO4 is especially relevant to pensioners.

The grant covers up to £10,000 on the cost of insulation installation, but how much you’ll get will be decided on a case by case basis. But first, you need to know if you qualify at all.

ECO4 Eligibility Criteria For Pensioners

To qualify for a grant under ECO4 for insulation you will need to meet the criteria below:

  • You’re in receipt of government benefits OR someone in your household/a tenant is (Pension Credit Guarantee, Pension Credit Savings, Universal Credit, Housing Benefit, etc.)
  • You have an inefficient heating system with a D-G energy efficiency rating

Again, the most relevant benefits are in bold. There are other qualifying benefits so be sure to reach out to us today if you receive another benefit, as you may still qualify.

What If I Don’t Qualify For Either Grant Scheme?

If you don’t qualify for either ECO4 or the Great British Insulation Scheme, don’t worry just yet. You may still qualify under LA Flex (or the Local Authority Flexible Eligibility) Scheme.

Just like the other grants discussed above, it’s designed to help the most vulnerable households and energy inefficient homes, but it gives councils and local authorities a little more flexibility in the eligibility criteria they set for the insulation grants.

If you don’t qualify for the other schemes but your annual household income is less than £31,000 and your home has an energy efficiency rating of E or below, then you may still qualify.

As each council and local authority sets their own criteria, you’ll need to check to see if there are other ways you can qualify for a loft insulation grant for pensioners.

Insulation Grants For Pensioners: Next Steps

If you’re a pensioner who is considering insulating their home, then contact us at ZOA Energy Solutions today – even if you aren’t sure an insulation grant is right for you – we’ll be able to discuss your options and see if any grants apply. And all you need to do to get started is fill out a quick form, and we’ll be in touch ASAP. 

Does This Apply To You?



Find out in 60 seconds if you qualify!

Insulation Grants For Pensioners UK FAQs

Yes, you could end up having loft insulation installed for free so long as one of the grants above covers the full cost of your installation. If it doesn’t, the free insulation grant will be likely to cover the majority of the cost instead, up to the limit of the grant. A free loft insulation grant or roof insulation grant is likely to be the most commonly awarded since it is the cheaper insulation option and this enables many more households to be helped by the available funding.
You could end up paying nothing at all for your insulation. Much depends on the type of insulation involved. Loft and roof insulation is generally a cheaper option so it is possible that your grant funding cover the full cost. With some other types of insulation, such as installing external wall insulation, this is usually significantly more expensive so your grant may not cover the full cost. Depending on the type of insulation installed, and the level of insulation you previously has if any, you can expect annual savings on heating bills of between £300 and £400 due to your new insulation.
Each grant and its eligibility is different, but if you contact our friendly team at ZOA Energy Solutions, we’ll be able to help you navigate the process and gain access to the available insulation grants. Funding comes from the main energy companies under the various government-backed schemes, including the Energy Company Obligation Scheme, and does not have to be paid back.