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Air Source Heat Pump Grants Pensioners

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Free Heat Pump Grants — Up To £7,500 Available To Pensioners

What Air Source Heat Pump Grants Are Available To Pensioners?

Although there aren’t any air source heat pump (ASHP) grants specifically for pensioners, there are plenty of free funding grants for ASHPs out there that will be applicable to a range of people, including pensioners. There are really three main key routes you can take to see if you qualify.

Air Source Heat Pump Grants List


Remember, you can only apply for one of the grants mentioned above, and if you’re unsure which is best for you, contact us today and we’ll discuss your best options to ensure you get the most support possible.

Why Should Pensioner Households Install An Air Source Heat Pump?

There are a number of reasons why you might consider installing an air source heat pump, but here are a few that explain why it’s particularly good to consider an air source heat pump installation as a pensioner:

  • They’re a low carbon heating system so you’re helping protect the planet’s resources
  • They’re durable so you won’t need to worry about them breaking down and needing regular maintenance
  • Heat pumps can both heat and cool your home, helping you maintain a comfortable temperature
  • When you work with installers like us, the process is simple and stress-free
  • Heat pumps will help you save money on your energy bills each month
  • They’re suitable for use all year round in the UK
  • Heat pump funding is available to help cover all or the majority of the cost

How To Get Started With Eco Grants

If you want to find out if you’re eligible for government grants for air source heat pumps for pensioners, then we can help. With so much grant support available for greener heating systems such as air source heat pumps, it can be confusing for anybody to work out which grants they can and can’t apply for.

But don’t worry, when you work with Eco Grants by ZOA Energy Solutions, we make the whole process as simple as possible. We’re grant experts, so when you fill out our 60 second form with the information we need, we’ll be able to get in touch and discuss your grant options. And all we need from you to get started are your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number

Does This Apply To You?



Find out in 60 seconds if you qualify!

Energy Company Obligation 4 Scheme (ECO4)

Do Pensioners Qualify Under ECO4 ?

To be clear, not everybody will qualify for an air source heat pump (ASHP) under ECO4. Other measures will be prioritised above this where applicable, such as insulation. However, some people will qualify for an ASHP where necessary so it’s certainly worth learning how pensioners could qualify for an ASHP under ECO4.

ECO4 offers wonderful support to pensioners living in energy inefficient homes with an annual household income below £30,000 per year.

A range of measures could be offered to support in raising the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of your property, from insulation measures all the way to a new, more efficient heating system such as ASHPs if required. But how do you qualify?

ECO4 Eligibility Criteria

ECO4 doesn’t just offer grant support to pensioners, but since it aims to target the lowest income households living in poor performing homes in terms of energy efficiency in England, Scotland and Wales, this often applies to pensioners. So if you:

  • Have an annual household income of £30,000 or below AND
  • Live in a home with an EPC rating of D or below


then you could qualify for support for an ASHP under ECO4.

One of the main ways of measuring your eligibility is through the government benefit you or someone in your household receives, as often these are income-based or means-tested and can be indicative of the sort of households ECO4 aims to support.

And the good news for pensioners is that some of those government benefits could be especially relevant to you:

Qualifying Government Benefits

  • Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-Related Employment & Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit Guarantee 
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credits 
  • Universal Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Pension Credit Savings

Does This Apply To You?



Find out in 60 seconds if you qualify!

Local Authority Flexible Eligibility (LA Flex) For Pensioners

LA Flex is very similar to ECO4, so it can certainly support pensioners with making their homes more energy efficient. The main difference between the schemes is that LA Flex provides local authorities and councils greater flexibility when it comes to offering support to certain households.

And whilst it still focuses on supporting low income households with energy inefficient homes, other additions to the eligibility criteria could mean more pensioners can benefit from support for ASHPs, if deemed an appropriate energy efficiency measure.

Who Is Eligible For LA Flex Support?

You ought to qualify for grant support under LA Flex so long as you have an annual household income of £30,000 per year or below, and live in a home with an EPC rating of D or below. However, with LA Flex, support can be offered to pensioners who:

  • Have health conditions that could be worsened by living in a cold home such as cardiovascular issues, mobility problems, or respiratory concerns, for example
  • Receive Council Tax rebates due to a low income
  • Are considered vulnerable to living in a cold home
  • Are struggling financially


If this means you now qualify for support where you didn’t under ECO4, then it’s worth speaking with our team today to see whether a heat pump could be fitted at your home to help reduce your energy bills and increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Pensioners & Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) Grants

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) was extended in September 2023, meaning the scheme can support households in switching to a ground or air source heat pump until 2028. It’s important to note that this, again, isn’t a grant scheme designed exclusively for pensioners.

In fact, the eligibility criteria is so wide open that it applies to almost anybody… but we’ll explain more about that below.

For now, you’ll mostly be concerned about how much support is on offer. Well, if you’re successful, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme can offer £7,500 towards the cost of your ASHP.

BUS Eligibility Criteria

You’ll qualify for the BUS, so long as you:

  • are a homeowner AND
  • live in England or Wales AND
  • are replacing an older, fossil fuel run heating system (such as gas and oil boilers)


In addition, your property will only be considered eligible if it has a valid EPC with no outstanding recommendations for loft or cavity wall insulation in order to ensure that the heat pump is able to perform effectively and heat your home to a comfortable level.

The BUS will therefore apply to you as a pensioner if you meet the criteria above. And if you’re unsure, just fill out our form today and we’ll let you know which grant route is best for you based on your circumstances.

Why Pensioners Should Use Eco Grants

Eco Grants by ZOA Energy Solutions can support you through every step of the grant process from deciding which grant is best for you to making the application and installing the ASHP for you at your home.

We take care of every step of the grant process to ensure you get the funding you’re entitled to. With our industry knowledge and expert installation team, we can ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

To get started, all you’ll need to do is fill out our form today and we can let you know which air source heat pump grants for pensioners you qualify for, and which will work better for you given your circumstances.

And all you need to do? Fill out a quick form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

Air Source Heat Pump Grants Pensioners FAQs:

It’s difficult to say exactly how much cheaper or more expensive your bills will be after switching to an ASHP because it all depends on the price of electricity vs gas (if your old system was a gas boiler) at the time of any comparison you make.

However, according to Energy Saving Trust you can typically save anywhere between £115 and £1,100 per year depending on what your old heating system was before making the switch to an ASHP. This is based on fuel prices as of October 2023.

This doesn’t necessarily give a full picture, though, because if you’re switching from an A-rated gas boiler to an air source heat pump, you may actually find that the cost of heating your home goes up. But why is that the case?

Mostly because ASHPs bring big savings when switching from an inefficient heating system. The cost of electricity is generally higher than gas, so if an efficient gas boiler is currently being used at your home, you may find that your energy bills rise with the switch to an ASHP.

But don’t worry – Energy Saving Trust estimates that the rise will only be around £35 extra per year.

With the right scheme (provided you qualify), you might not have to pay for your air source heat pump at all. For other schemes, you may need to contribute to the cost of your ASHP installation, but the final cost will be significantly reduced by the grant support on offer from the different schemes.

Whilst we’ve focussed on air source heat pumps today, you could also qualify for a ground source heat pump when applying for a heat pump installation through the various schemes we’ve talked about today.

Any heat pump grant for pensioners will consider which heat pump (air source heat pump vs ground source heat pump) is right for your property.

Don’t worry though – both types of heat pump work in much the same way and are great at replacing fossil fuel heating systems.

UK heat pump grants will not, however, fund a hybrid heat pump system (where your home uses both a heat pump AND a gas boiler) because these grants focus on renewable energy incentives to install a low carbon heating system which produces far fewer carbon emissions than your average gas boiler. A hybrid system is not able to achieve this, so they won’t be available for funding under the various grants and schemes we’ve talked about today.