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Air Source Heat Pump Grants UK

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Why Choose An Air Source Heat Pump?

Air source heat pumps (or ASHPs) are a form of sustainable energy for your home that can help lower your carbon footprint and help you switch to a greener way of living. You can also typically expect lower energy bills compared to your old heating system. With lower energy bills, heat pump funding, and expert installers, why wouldn’t you consider a heat pump installation today?

What Government Grants Are Available For Air Source Heat Pumps?

If you would like to get a heat pump installed for free, or for significantly cheaper, then the following grants for heat pumps are available to help you switch a carbon-emitting inefficient heating system for a low carbon heating system like heat pumps.

How Can ZOA Eco Grants Help Me?

Want to know if you qualify for government grants for air source heat pumps? Many people don’t realise that they could qualify for grant support for heat pumps, and in fact there’s very little in the way of eligibility criteria for those who are looking for heavily subsidised heat pumps. If you’re hoping for a completely free air source heat pump, then it may be possible under different schemes with stricter eligibility requirements.

An air source heat pump utilises renewable energy technology to help save on heating bills, make your home a green beacon for the future, and improve the efficiency of your home. To get started, all you’ll need to do is fill out our quick form with some basic information.

As soon as possible after receiving your form, a member of our expert customer service team will be in touch to discuss your eligibility further.

Air source heat pump grant in the UK

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How Can The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) Help With Air Source Heat Pumps?

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is part of the government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy and has been recently extended until 2028. The information about the scheme has changed somewhat too. Most importantly for you as someone looking for grant support for ASHPs is that the BUS is available to every homeowner in England and Wales, and everybody will receive the same amount in grant support.

If you’re applying for an air source heat pump under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme as a homeowner in England or Wales, then you’ll receive £7,500 towards the cost of your ASHP as of 23rd October 2023. If you’re in Scotland then you will need to consult Home Energy Scotland as a heat pump grant advice network – as our focus today will be focussed mainly on England and Wales.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme 2023 Updates

In September 2023, the UK government announced that the Boiler Upgrade Scheme would be extended until 2028, and support for both air source and ground source heat pumps would increase from £5,000 to £7,500 – a 50% increase.

BUS Eligibility Criteria

You’ll qualify for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme if you:

  • live in England or Wales AND
  • are a homeowner AND
  • are replacing an old fossil fuel heating system


In addition, your property is only eligible if:

  • it has a valid EPC with no outstanding recommendations for either loft insulation or cavity wall insulation (as heat pumps require a well insulated home to work efficiently)

Ready To Apply?

Of all the grants and schemes that are available, the BUS is one of the easiest to apply for, and one of the most rewarding in terms of grant support on offer.

Contact us today if you’re looking into ASHPs and would like to learn more about how the Boiler Upgrade Scheme can help.

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Can I Install Air Source Heat Pumps Through The ECO4 Scheme?

ECO4 first started in late 2022 after taking over from ECO3. With that takeover, the focus switched somewhat, meaning the scheme started focussing more on supporting low income households, rather than just those who were on benefits, as before. Now, to qualify for a home efficiency upgrade, such as heat pumps, you’ll generally need to have a household income that’s less than £30,000 per year.

£4 billion in support is on offer to low income households living in energy inefficient homes across England, Scotland, and Wales. You could receive a free air source heat pump under ECO4, but how much grant support you’ll receive depends largely on the scheme provider. Decisions are made on an individual basis, so you may receive enough support to enjoy a free ASHP, or you might still have to contribute.

It’s important to note: being on less than £30,000 per year isn’t always enough to qualify for support towards an air source heat pump with ECO4. You’ll need to meet other eligibility criteria, too.

Qualifying benefits for ECO4

ECO4 Restrictions Relating To ASHPs

Any home with an energy efficiency rating of D or below will need to install loft, roof, and cavity wall insulation first, before any improvement to a heating system will be made.

ECO4, unlike other schemes, focuses on offering a whole-house approach. That means you might receive support for an ASHP under ECO4, but if the other measures that are installed first increase the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating to a high enough standard, then ASHPs won’t be installed.

Basically, an air source heat pump is one of the last things ECO4 will consider, and by that time your house might already be energy efficient enough to no longer require it.

Child Benefit Household Income Thresholds

If you are in receipt of Child Benefit, and have an annual household income below the amounts in the table, then you should qualify for support under ECO4.

Number Of ChildrenOne Parent HouseholdTwo Parent Household

ECO4 Eligibility Criteria

The aim is to target low income or vulnerable households living in energy inefficient homes in England, Scotland and Wales. As such, the eligibility criteria focuses on offering support to:

  • Households with an annual income of £30,000 or below AND
  • Households living in homes with an EPC rating of D or below

One of the main ways scheme operators can measure your eligibility is through:

  • The government benefit you or someone in your household receives
  • Being in receipt of Child Benefit (with a household income below a certain threshold)

Qualifying Government Benefits

  • Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-Related Employment & Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit Guarantee 
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credits 
  • Universal Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Pension Credit Savings

What Is The Local Authority Flexible Eligibility (LA Flex) Scheme For ASHPs?

LA Flex works in much the same way as ECO4, offering a whole-house approach (with ASHPs being fairly low down the priority list, but applicable in some instances). In fact, LA Flex is essentially the same as ECO4, the main difference being the flexibility on offer to local authorities and councils in terms of the eligibility criteria they can offer.

With LA Flex, even more people can qualify for grant support for home efficiency measures such as ASHPs.

Who Is Eligible For LA Flex Support?

So long as you have a home with an EPC rating of D or below, and an annual income below £31,000 per year, then you ought to be considered for grant support with LA Flex.

You’ll also be considered if you:

  • Have health issues that can be worsened by living in an energy inefficient home
  • Are considered vulnerable, or someone in your home is
  • Are struggling with your finances
Who is eligible for LA flex support for air source heat pump grants

Why Trust ZOA Eco Grants

Eco Grants by ZOA Energy Solutions is on hand to guide you through the grant process to ensure you receive the support you’re entitled to. Although we’re a home improvement installation company, over the years we’ve developed a deep understanding of the grants and schemes on offer, so we’re well placed to help our customers access the grants that they’re eligible for.

And we can even help carry out your eco home improvement ourselves via ZOA Energy Solutions. We specialise in air source heat pumps, amongst other home improvements, so we can guide you through air source heat pump grants and then carry out the installation for you, too.

Fill out our quick form today and get started.

And all you need to do? Fill out a quick form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

Air Source Heat Pump Grants FAQs:

Absolutely. In fact, there are government grants guaranteed to be available until 2028 at the earliest, with new grants or extended schemes expected beyond that. The UK government are keen to support those making the switch to a greener way of living to help them meet their legally binding target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050, so the support they offer is to encourage moves from old, fossil fuel burning heating systems, to more modern, greener options such as ASHPs.

With the right scheme (provided you qualify), you might not have to pay for your air source heat pump at all. For other schemes, you may need to contribute to the cost of your ASHP installation, but the final cost will be significantly reduced by the grant support on offer from the different schemes.

If you’re wondering how much an ASHP can save you in terms of your energy bills each year, then you’ll typically* save somewhere between £115 and £1,100 per year depending on the heating system you’re changing from. This is based on fuel prices as of October 2023 and are based on Energy Saving Trust estimates.

*in most cases, ASHPs will result in lower energy bills compared to older heating systems, but because ASHPs require electricity to run, you may pay more (around £35 per year more) if you are switching to an ASHP from an already efficient A-rated boiler.

A ground source heat pump simply draws its heat from the ground using underground coils, rather than from the air as with an air source heat pump. Both heat pump installations are a greener way of heating your home compared to a gas boiler, although you’ll need to ensure that you have an excellent EPC rating with no loft or cavity wall insulation recommendations to make the most of either.