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Internal Wall Insulation Grants for a Warmer Home

Internal wall insulation

Does your heating system have to be cranked up constantly to keep your home cosy or perhaps your home never truly gets warm? Are your poorly insulated walls failing to keep the indoor temperature at a consistently comfortable level? Maybe, you and your family would love a warmer home but are concerned about rising energy […]

Can You Get Free Insulation If Not On Benefits?

Can I get insulation grants if I'm not on benefits

Millions of UK households receive state benefits. This also gives them access to additional financial support such as cost-of-living payments and discounts on energy and transport. Furthermore, they often get access to thousands of pounds in government grants towards home energy improvements such as insulation. Insulation cuts energy bills, lessens environmental impact, and makes homes […]

Boiler Replacement Schemes For Over-60s

Boiler replacements scheme for over 60s

If you’re over 60, government-backed schemes and grants are available to fund a boiler replacement or cover a large part of the cost. The main initiative you’ll be interested in is the Energy Company Obligation Scheme. Under this programme, pensioners can claim a grant for a new boiler, if they get pension credit or Working […]

Can I Get A Boiler Grant If I’m Not On Benefits?

Can I get a free boiler if i'm not on benefits?

Low-performance, inefficient boilers increase energy bills and contribute to climate change and global warming. But replacing a boiler is expensive, in most cases costing anything from £600 to £2,500, and this can prevent many households from upgrading their current boiler. This is why government grants are available to help householders install a modern, energy-efficient boiler […]

Boiler Scrappage Scheme

Boiler scrappage scheme

The majority of households use gas boilers to provide their heating and hot water, and these account for much of a household’s domestic energy usage. But old, inefficient boilers are expensive to run, meaning high energy bills, and they’re also a major contributor to climate change, polluting the air with carbon emissions. According to the […]

What Grants Are Available For Landlords?

Grants for landlords

If you’re a landlord, you’ll be well aware it’s a costly business. When your rental property needs maintenance or an upgrade, no matter how expensive, the responsibility lies with you, not your tenants.  Fortunately, various grants are available to ease some of the financial pressures of ensuring your property more than meets the minimum energy […]

Government Grants For Over 60s

grants for over 60s

Are you looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient? There are a variety of government grants out there that can help you, with many government grants for over 60s available. Although they don’t target the over 60s specifically, there are many grants which are suitable for this group. With everyone trying to […]

Government Grants For Home Improvements

Home improvements

Are you looking for ways to make home improvements while spending as little money as possible? In the UK, there are grants available from the government and local authorities where you can make home improvements without breaking the bank – so long as you’re eligible for support.   As the UK, and the world as […]

What Is The Boiler Upgrade Scheme?

Boiler upgrade scheme

What Is The Boiler Upgrade Scheme? (All You Need to Know) With climate change and global warming ever-present threats, more countries are participating in the challenge of reducing carbon emissions. The UK, following suit, formulated several initiatives and policies to achieve greener and cheaper energy production. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme, previously known as the Clean […]

The Great British Insulation Scheme

Eco + scheme for houses

If you’ve been waiting for the ECO+ grant for a while, then you might be confused as to what has happened to the ECO+ scheme. Due to launch earlier in 2023, ECO plus was actually pushed back until summer 2023 because the government decided to rebrand the scheme as the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS). […]